News and Events from the Centre for Public Services from 2001.

Strategic Partnerships - National research for UNISON
The Centre has commenced a national two year research project of strategic partnerships in local government. It will focus on eight case study authorities - six which have outsourced services and two which have developed in-house improvement programnmes.
2003-11-03 15:41:03
Salford Social, Economic and Environmental Audit
In autumn 2000, Salford City Council considered the possible outsourcing of financial and legal services. Although the Cabinet concluded that much of the potential savings from outsourcing financial services could be achieved by reorganisation, further work was carried out on four options.
2003-11-03 15:39:41
Bradford's outsourcing agenda
Report commissioned by Bradford UNISON critically examining the scale of city council’s "change programme".
2003-11-03 15:37:59
Care Services for the Elderly
The third report written by the Centre for the Residents Action Group for the Elderly (RAGE) and Birmingham UNISON focusses on the relationship between the proposed privatisation of residential care, race and gender implications and Best Value.
2003-11-03 15:36:05
Shedding the Light
A critique of the Outline Business Case for the Newcastle-North Tyneside Street lighting PFI project.
2003-11-03 15:34:14
What future for Public Services?
A new report from the Sheffield based Centre for Public Services investigates the impact of the growing trend of using Private Finance Initiatives (PFI) and Public Private Partnerships (PPP) to fund public services.
2003-11-03 15:32:33
Frontline Involvement
New guidance on employee and trade union participation in the Best Value process.
2003-10-31 19:42:30
Environmental Sustainability and Best Value
A report by the Centre concerning research conducted for Manchester City Council on combining environmental sustainability and Best Value.
2003-10-31 19:38:42
Strategic Partnerships
New reports assessing the potential impact of strategic partnerships in Bedfordshire and Salford.
2003-10-31 19:36:49
Equality Audit
The Centre recently completed an equality audit for the Department of Health, Social Services & Public Safety in Northern Ireland.
2003-10-31 19:35:11
Public Services or Corporate Welfare
Rethinking the Nation State in the Global Economy by Dexter Whitfield. CPS Special Offer on this essential, insightful and though-provoking new book.
2003-10-31 19:28:17
Outsourcing the Future
A Social and Economic Audit of Privatisation Proposals in Newcastle.
2003-10-31 19:24:52
Working Together for Best Value
A report on promoting employee and trade union involvement.
2003-10-31 19:21:23


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