Appraisal of Unitary Options in Bedfordshire

The report assesses the two unitary options for Bedfordshire – a unitary county and two unitary councils consisting of Bedford and Central Bedfordshire (combining Mid and South Bedfordshire District Councils). It is critical of all of the proposals and finds serious flaws in the Government’s option appraisal process, particularly the absence of an enhanced two-tier developmental option and the narrow assessment criteria. Commissioned by 4 UNISON branches in Bedfordshire and submitted to DCLG.


Executive Summary

Part 1: Introduction and context

Part 2: Democratic accountability

Part 3: Capability and capacity

Part 4: Sustainability of proposals and benefits

Part 5: Affordability, financial benefits and infrastructure investment

Part 6: Social justice and equalities agenda

Part 7: Subregional growth and regeneration

Part 8: Implications for specific services

Part 9: Employment and quality of jobs

Part 10: Appraisal of the 3 options

Part 11: Conclusions and recommendations


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