News and Events from the Centre for Public Services from 2002.

Promoting Gender Equality in the Public Sector
Research which examines the strategic approaches adopted by selected public sector organisations to promote gender equality and the case for a public sector duty on gender. Written by Karen Escott & Dexter Whitfield. Published by the Equal Opportunities Commission.
2003-11-03 16:06:25
Our City is NOT FOR SALE
Exposing the crisis in local democracy; Revealing Labour's privatisation programme; Disclosing the impact on services, jobs and communities.
2003-11-03 15:59:17
Newcastle ITRS in-house success
The Centre has worked closely with Newcastle UNISON in their highly successful campaign to get the Information Technology and Related Services contract awarded in-house instead of establishing a £250m joint venture with BT.
2003-11-03 15:54:38
Milton Keynes / Northamptonshire SSP
Milton Keynes Council and Northamptonshire County Council are considering a joint strategic partnership for a large range of corporate and support services.
2003-11-03 15:53:28
Privatising Justice
DEMAND FOR END OF PRIVATISATION OF JUSTICE SYSTEM A report commissioned by the Justice Forum demands an immediate end to all Private Finance Initiative and Public Private Partnerships projects and a substantial increase in public sector capital investment in the Criminal Justice System.
2003-11-03 15:49:21
Social and Economic Audit
The Centre has been commissioned by the North West Regional Assembly to undertake a three year social and economic audit of the North West.
2003-11-03 15:47:54
Equality Impact Assessment
Equality Impact Assessment for Department of Health, Social Services & Public Safety, Northern Ireland.
2003-11-03 15:45:55
Regeneration in Darlington
The Centre acted as an "external challenger" to Darlington Council's Best Value review on regeneration services.
2003-11-03 15:44:55
Regeneration in Brent
The Centre is the procurement and contracts adviser to the Stonebridge Tenants Advancement Committee (STAC) for the regeneration of the Stonebridge Housing Action Trust.
2003-11-03 15:43:55


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