Public Services or Corporate Welfare

Rethinking the Nation State in the Global Economy by Dexter Whitfield. CPS Special Offer on this essential, insightful and though-provoking new book.


This book:

  • provides a radical analysis of modernisation including partnerships, private finance and Best Value;
  • analyses how the state facilitates globalisation by promoting private finance and the marketisation of public services;
  • exposes how the Third Way masks the continuity of neo-liberalism;
  • demonstrates how the World Trade Organisation is committed to privatising public services and welfare states;
  • charts the emergence of a Corporate-Welfare Complex;
  • promotes a revitalised role for the state in a new system of global governance, stressing the importance of sustaining and improving the welfare state;
  • advocates a dynamic new model of public service management placing priority on innovation, equality and investment as an alternative to the reinvention and performance management models.


  • The global corporate agenda
  • Public goods, public risk and power struggles
  • Nation states
  • facilitating and accommodating globalisation
  • Modernising the state
  • A third way for competition and public management?
  • The emerging corporate-welfare complex
  • The price of neo-liberal modernisation
  • The nation state in 2020
  • Redesigning the state - A new public order
  • A new public service management
  • New alliances and strategies

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