Public Services or Corporate Welfare - Rethinking the Nation State in the Global Economy by Dexter Whitfield

A comprehensive analysis of key issues confronting public services and the welfare state in the global economy. Provides a radical analysis of modernisation including partnerships, private finance and Best Value; analyses how the state facilitates globalisation by promoting private finance and the marketisation of public services; exposes how the Third Way masks the continuity of neo-liberalism; demonstrates how the World Trade Organisation is committed to privatising public services and welfare states; charts the emergence of a Corporate–Welfare Complex; promotes a revitalised role for the state in a new system of global governance, stressing the importance of sustaining and improving the welfare state; advocates a dynamic new model of public service management placing priority on innovation, equality and investment as an alternative to the reinvention and performance management models.

Ps Or Corporate Welfare Book

ISBN 0-7453-0856-2

Pluto Press, London, 2001

314 pages.


Introduction: The Global Corporate Agenda 1

The seven-issue corporate agenda 3

The nation state 15

1 Public Goods, Public Risk and Power Struggles 19

Global and national public goods 19

Global risk or risky business 22

Competition, power struggles and alliances 26

Reconfiguring the state–market–civil society paradigm 33

2 Nation States: Facilitating and Accommodating Globalisation 37

Globalisation, regionalisation and the nation state 37

How the state facilitates globalisation 46

Privately financed infrastructure and sustainable development: mortgaging the future 53

States make markets 60

Globalisation of Public Management 62

3 Modernising the State: A Third Way for Competition 63

The roots of transformation and modernisation 63

The objectives of transformation and modernisation 66

Role of the state 71

Financing the state 85

4 Modernising the State: New Organisation and NewManagement 101

Organisational structure of the state 101

Managing the state 114

5 The Emerging Corporate-Welfare Complex 130

Resilience to change 130

New challenges for the welfare state 133

The Third Way welfare state 141

Pensions and social security – the global market 147

The new corporate-welfare complex 155

6 The Price of Neo-Liberal Modernisation 165

Macroeconomic impact 165

Asset stripping and high transaction costs 167

Employment impact 174

Democratic accountability and user/employee involvement 178

Fragmenting the state 180

Equality and social justice 182

Quality of service 183

The performance state paradigm 185

Ownership and control 189

Partnerships 191

The effect on state capacity 197

7 The Nation State in 2020 204

New world (dis)order 205

The corporate or minimalist state 210

The enabling or partnership state 212

The third sector or social economy state 215

Other models 219

8 Redesigning the State – A New Public Order 221

The state in capitalist society 221

The core functions of the state 224

Extending democratic accountability and new models of governance 229

Taxation of income, consumption and corporate profits 231

Reversing marketisation and privatisation 233

New financial and regulatory architecture to control capital 240

Promoting civil society, citizenship and the social economy 247

Maintaining universal welfare systems 248

Reducing poverty through empowerment, redistribution, equalities, regeneration and control of development 249

Creating jobs and quality employment 250

Imposing corporate governance and social accountability 250

Maintaining macroeconomic stability and investment 252

9 A New Public Service Management 253

Principles of public service 253

A blueprint for a new Public Service Management 258

Corporate policies, values and public service ethos 259

Democratic accountability and communications 261

Social Justice Planning and Auditing 262

Innovation, redesign and capacity building 269

User and employee/trade union involvement 270

Strategic researching and planning social and economic needs 275

Quality systems and performance review 277

Monitoring, evaluation and learning environment 278

Public sector networks, partnerships and strategic sourcing 279

Quality employment & training 282

10 New Strategies and Alliances 284

Bibliography 287

Index 306


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