Mortgaging Our Children's Future

The Privatisation, Marketisation and Commercialisation of Secondary Education

Much has been written about the wrongs of privatisation of education, but so far there has been no overall analysis of the various policies and initiatives underway in our secondary schools. Mortgaging our Children's Future is essential reading for LEAs, school governors, trade unionists, campaigners, education professionals and anyone concerned about the future of secondary education in Britain.

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The report will help those involved in the planning and delivery of secondary education to be much more acutely aware of the key issues in the sector and assist them in assessing policy options.

The report includes a clear and comprehensive overview of:

  • Making markets
  • City Academies Specialist schools
  • School companies
  • Excellence in Cities
  • Privatising Local Education Authorities The Private Finance Initiative
  • Outsourcing / restructuring of school meals
  • Education Action Zones
  • Diversity markets and selection
  • European and global implications

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September 2003


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