Transformation and Public Service Reform

Studies assessing reform proposals and alternatives.

Barnet Council Future Shape: Briefings

Briefing No 1: Assessment of Strategic Hub Proposals

Briefing No 2: Public Service Principles and Values

Briefing No 3: Employment Charter

Briefing No. 4: Scope of Contract Reviews

Briefing No. 5: Service Transformation

Briefing No. 6: The ‘shrinking by outsourcing’ models: Implications for Staff

Briefing No. 7: The impact and performance of management buyouts, social enterprises and mutual models

Briefing No. 8: One Barnet Programme: Hendon Cemetery and Crematoria – UNISON supports capital investment but not outsourcing

Briefing No. 9: One Barnet Programme: Greenwich Leisure Ltd contract to be reviewed

Analysis of public sector reform strategies - One Barnet Critique; Costs and Consequences of Commissioning; One Barnet: The Wrong Approach to Transformation; Future Shape Programme.
2014-09-13 12:21:51
Critical analysis of options appraisals in Barnet - Library Service; Education & Skills and Catering; Adult Social Care In-House Services; Customer Services Organisation/New Support Organisation; Planning, Building Control & Environmental Health; Hendon Cemetery and Crematorium; Adult Social Care Local Authority Trading Company, Dorset CC; Economic Case for In-House Options;
2014-09-13 14:09:23
Examples of good practice - Good Practice Transformation Toolkit for Barnet Council's Future Shape (see also Draft Corporate Procurement Strategy for the London Borough of Barnet and Barnet Competitive Dialogue Protocol in the Procurement Policy section below)
2014-09-13 14:10:52
Assessment of business cases - Adult Social Care in Barnet; Local Authority Trading Company for learning disability and physical and sensory impairment services for adults; Development & Regulatory Services; Customer Services Organisation/New Support Organisation; Transfer of Housing Services to Barnet Homes;
2014-09-13 14:12:26
Evaluation of procurement policies and strategies - Competitive Dialogue Protocol; Draft Corporate Strategy for the London Borough of Barnet; Education & Skills and Catering - Threat of large-scale subcontracting; Future Shape - Flaws in Barnet's Commissioning and Procurement Policy; Why a 'thin client' is a bad policy;
2014-09-13 14:19:09
Transformation performance - The Way Out of Financial Crisis for Your Choice Barnet Ltd (LATC); Failure, delays and soaring cost of Barnet Council's Street Lighting PFI contract.
2014-09-22 11:17:59
Assessment of business plans
2014-09-13 14:17:24


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