Part 7: Public Private Partnerships, Strategic Service-delivery Partnerships, Asset Management Partnerships

Public Sector Research ONLINE provides detailed guidance on how to research and investigate public policy, public services, the economy, government, companies, consultants, trusts, organisations and individuals. It is intended to provide a service to those involved in public policy making, public sector research, public employees, service users, trade unions, community and civil society organisations. It makes a significant contribution to public sector education and training. Public Sector Research ONLINE has over 20 sections to help you research and investigate at the local, regional, national, European and international levels. It contains detailed guidance and lists thousands of sources of information.

A comprehensive online service on how to research Public Private Partnerships (PPPs), Private Finance Initiative (PFI), Strategic Service-delivery Partnerships (SSP), Property/Asset Management Partnerships and Independent Sector Treatment Centres (ISTCs). The 33 page document has over 400 sources with sections on:

Key Issues and questions to ask

PPP in Britain

Critical Sources

PPP Trade Organisations

PPP/PFI Contractors

PPP/PFI Finance and the Secondary Market

PPP/PFI Management Consultants and Advisers

PPP in Europe and internationally

PPP/PFI by Country


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