Project to Defend and Improve Local Authority Services and Jobs, Sheffield City Council, 1985/86

We’re Coming Out from under the carpet: Job Satisfaction Cleaners & Caretakers – the results of a job satisfaction survey of school cleaners and caretakers – more quality training, better communications between management and staff, improved equipment and cleaning materials and 35% said women were discriminated against in promotion opportunities (16 pages).

Fight Rate Capping, Privatisation and Cuts: Job Satisfaction Survey Parks & Recreation – the results of a job satisfaction survey in the city council’s Parks and Recreation Department, 73% of frontline workers and 80% of administrative staff wanted more control over their work, greater involvement and better training (16 pages).

Contract on Cleansing briefing – the value of public cleaning, examples of private contractors fines and failures, cleansing job losses in outsourced contracts and the impact on wages and conditions (4 pages).

We Re Coming Out Sheffield Services Worth Saving Contract On Cleansing


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