News and Events from the Centre for Public Services from 2003.

CPS helps to retain in-house services in Northamptonshire
A CPS report on the alternatives to a strategic partnership with the private sector helped Northamptonshire UNISON retain in-house services. (16/12/04)
2004-03-23 16:01:44
Care Homes Saved in Stoke
CPS assisted in the drawing up of a Best Value alternative to care home closures, cuts and privatisation, saving seven care homes in Stoke-on-Trent.
2004-03-23 15:56:38
Mortgaging our Children’s Future
Mortgaging our Children’s Future is essential reading for LEAs, school governors, trade unionists, campaigners, education professionals and anyone concerned about the future of secondary education in Britain.
2003-11-03 16:20:33
Sustainable Development in the NHS
A study commissioned by the East of England Public Health Group, the Department of Health and the Health Development Agency, together with regional partners such as the EEDA, EERA, COVER, NSCWDC, Environment Agency and SHAs.
2003-11-03 16:18:32
Investigators Handbook
A guide to investigating companies, organisations, government and individuals.
2003-11-03 16:11:01


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