Shared Services in Britain

The European Services Strategy Unit has published a new study ‘Shared Services in Britain’ commissioned by the Australian Institute for Social Research and the Public Service Association. This comprehensive report examines various models and examples of public sector shared services, costs and benefits, employment impacts, governance and transparency and the long-term implications of shared services in the government’s transformation agenda for public services.

Contents of Shared Services in Britain report:

Executive summary

Part 1: Introduction and context.

Part 2: Transformation and public service reform.

Part 3: Models of public sector shared services in Britain.

Part 4: Examples of shared services.

Part 5: Costs and benefits.

Part 6: Employment models and impacts.

Part 7: Democratic accountability, governance and transparency.

Part 8: Principles and framework to assess proposals and impacts.

Part 9: Longer-term implications.

Part 10: A Strategic Framework for Shared Services.

Part 11. Recommendations.

Shared Services in Australia

A companion study of shared services in Australia by the Australian Institute for Social Research for the Public Service Association of South Australia. It draws out the lessons learnt by state government shared services programmes.


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