News and Events from the Centre for Public Services from 2006.

ESSU Research Paper No 1: A Typology of Privatisation and Marketisation by Dexter Whitfield
A paper setting out a four part typology of privatisation and marketisation. The typology provides examples and explanation of the different types of privatisation and marketisation; methods; political, social and economic objectives; and the impact on the state and public services.
2006-11-15 17:36:43
Options Appraisal Opposes Outsourcing and Offshoring of Prescription Pricing Division, NHS Business Services Authority
ESSU was commissioned by UNISON Northern to prepare a detailed report on a PPD/KPMG proposal to outsource and offshore prescription processing. This comprehensive report examines value for money, risk assessment, insourcing trends, public cost analysis and other issues. A decision to outsource was expected in November 2006 but has been postponed indefinetly following intervention by the Health Minister.
2006-11-03 12:28:25
Revised Employment Risk Matrix
The European Services Strategy Unit has devised an Employment Risk Matrix which assesses the degree of changes in four categories of risk.
2006-11-03 11:01:22
North Tyneside – A Commissioning Council? Evidence Base for the Alternative Plan
In June 2006 North Tyneside Council published an edited version of a Business Transformation Plan prepared by management consultants KPMG in conjunction with Council officers. Local government trade unions in North Tyneside (including teacher unions) commissioned this report from the European Services Strategy Unit to assess the Council’s transformation plan and to provide an evidence base to support their opposition to this plan.
2006-09-24 20:57:26
Yorkshire & Humber Regional Centre of Excellence: Shared Services Seminar
Yorkshire & Humber Regional Centre of Excellence: Shared Services Seminar
2006-09-24 11:59:37
Financing Infrastructure in the 21st Century
Financing Infrastructure in the 21st Century: The Long Term Impact of Public Private Partnerships in Britain and Australia
2006-09-24 11:55:44
Analysis of Strategic Services Partnership proposals for Southampton UNISON
Analysis of Strategic Services Partnership proposals for Southampton City UNISON
2006-09-24 11:47:56
Leisure Trust Failure: Alternative Option for East Hertfordshire District Council
East Hertfordshire’s Leisure Services contract with Enfield Leisure Centres Ltd (Aspire Trust) has a major financial crisis. It is £500,000 in the red in the first year of a five-year contract. Resignations of senior staff and the possible liquidation of the Enfield Trust add to the scale of the crisis – a crisis in the making during the evaluation of the market testing bids in 2005.
2006-09-04 16:54:41
Aberdeen Futures: Whose Community Planning?
New Report: Aberdeen TGWU ACTS Branch commissioned the European Services Strategy Unit to undertake a critical evaluation of Aberdeen Futures and the city’s community planning participation framework. The objective was to assess the extent to which the scope of participation had resulted in a shift of power in the decision making process and to identify the extent to which Aberdeen Futures has involved trade unions and community organisations in its activities.
2006-09-03 09:20:42
New BOOK: New Labour's Attack on Public Services
New BOOK: New Labour's Attack on Public Services
2006-04-13 15:58:00
Caring for People, Not Making Markets
A response to Durham County Council plans for Phase 2 of Investing in Modern Services for Older People by Durham County UNISON
2006-04-13 15:51:42
PFI Journal No 52
The April 2006 issue of the PFI Journal contains an article by Dexter Whitfield, The Marketisation of Teaching, which examines the potential impact of the Building Schools for the Future programme on education.
2006-04-13 14:56:39
Procurement Toolkit added to Outsourcing and PPP Library
The Procurement and Commissioning Toolkit for Local Government (see news below) can now be downloaded from the Outsourcing and PPP Library.
2006-04-13 13:48:45
Newcastle excludes facilities management and ICT from Building Schools for the Future contract
Newcastle City Council has set a national example by excluding soft facilities management services (catering, cleaning, grounds maintenance, security and waste management) and Information and Communications Technology (ICT) from the BSF/PFI contract. The ICT contract alone is valued at £16.5m.
2006-02-05 10:11:18
Aberdeen Futures
Aberdeen Futures
2006-02-05 10:03:29
Public Private Partnerships in Ireland
Public Private Partnerships: Public Services or Corporate Welfare seminar
2006-02-05 09:59:49
Secondment of Staff for New Tyne Tunnel
Secondment of Staff for New Tyne Tunnel
2006-02-05 09:41:44


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