The Investigator's Handbook

The Investigator's Handbook is a comprehensive 140 page guide to investigating companies, organisations, government and individuals. Includes investigation by sectors health and social care, education, housing, regeneration, public transport, utilities and international organisations plus sections on rights to information and searching the web. An invaluable guide for investigating: Company performance; Developers and contractors; Government organisations and quangos; PFI and partnership projects; Investigate performance of public bodies.

An essential guide to investigating companies, organisations, government and individuals.


The Investigator's Handbook Front Cover


  1. Sources of Information
  2. Rights to Information
  3. Investigating Companies
  4. Investigating Organisations
  5. Investigating Central, Regional and Local Government
  6. Investigating Inviduals
  7. Investigating by Sector:
    • Health and Social Care
    • Primary and Secondary Education
    • Housing
    • Regeneration
    • Roads and Road Transport
    • Buses
    • Railways
    • Utilities
    • Environment and Waste Management
    • The Criminal Justice System
  8. Investigating Internationally
  9. Appendices
    • Making Contacts
    • Libel and Slander
    • Interviewing


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